Clash Royale Cheat Gold

Clash Royale is a tower defense video game developed by Supercell. It features characters from the insanely popular game, Clash of Clans. Although the game is pretty straightforward, but certain quirks may get on your nerve. Here are top 5 things people hate about Clash Royals.

You see a small wifi icon at the center of the screen when you have a connection issue, or Supercell just decided to troll you. This means that now you can’t deploy any cards. All you can do is sit back and cry as you see your towers destroyed.

Higher Level Opponent
The matchmaking in Clash Royale is based on crown trophy level and not actual level which means if you play well eventually you will be pitted against opponents with much higher level. Good luck defending against a level 10 player with your level 6 cards.

Gold Hacks
Some people cheat gold using unfair hacks. Clash Royale cheat gold hacks gives them a much greater advantage over an average player. Supercell is working hard to stop Clash Royale Cheat Gold hacks but still, they exist.

Epic Cards
Getting an epic card is amazing. But these cards are incredibly rare and you can play for days before you even get an epic card. It becomes even more annoying when the opponents you face all have epic cards, but you don’t.

Unstable Gem Prices
The gem prices are not always stable. If you decided not to cheat gold and actually spend real money to buy gems then be prepared to wait as the prices are not always stagnant. Sometimes you have to wait to get good deals.